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Date de publication 02/07/2024

Official YouTube Channel Now Live!

 Official YouTube Channel Now Live!

DEYMED Diagnostic is thrilled to announce the launch of our official YouTube channel! 🎉

Currently, we have several videos focusing on EMG methods, including:

• Single-fibre Voluntary
• Single-fibre Stimulated
• Repetitive NCS
• Motor Nerve Conduction
• F-Wave NCS
• Ulnaris MNC + F-Wave

These demonstrations are led by Dr. Pascal Proot, providing in-depth insights and practical guidance on using our advanced EMG systems.

This is just the beginning! We plan to expand our content to cover all our neurodiagnostic systems, offering valuable tutorials and demonstrations for EEG, PSG, TMS, and more.

👉 Check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay updated with our latest videos.

Stay connected with DEYMED Diagnostic as we continue to innovate and provide the highest standards in neurodiagnostic technology.

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